Hope For Our Future

Folks, we are at a crucial time in our nation and in our world. Enemies of God have gathered their forces and they are looking to wipe out any and all resistance to their agenda. It's no longer enough to simply vote for the right person.


We have to fight.


As of October 1, Tammy Duckworth has nearly $6 MILLION dollars in her campaign account, $1.8 of which she raised last quarter alone.


At this point in time, we need all hands on deck. If you are a patriot; if you believe in defending our Constitution and our great Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic; if you are ready to stand up against tyranny, then I need your help.


All donations help, but at this crucial point in time, it is important that we pull out all the stops and make every possible effort to fend off the invasion.
And make no mistake: it IS an invasion.


Please help me take this fight directly to the left and send them a clear message that we will NOT allow our great nation to become a laughingstock not only to the world, but in the eyes of God Almighty. We have lost so much ground. It's time to start taking it back!
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